Ian Sharpe MBCS

Software development services, Bath UK

Database creation and maintenance – Bath, UK

I can assist in the design, implementation and modification of databases. I have experience of SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL.

I have done a lot of work fixing and processing data in ways that should not have been necessary, but due to poor database design and implementation it had become degraded and unfit for purpose.

That time and expense could largely have been avoided, had more effort been put into into setting up and maintaining what is, after all, a key business asset.

No system is perfect and the only sure thing about future needs is their unpredictability. However, analysis of requirements and some foresight should produce ongoing benefits.

The goals are to structure data efficiently and securely; align it with its intended purposes; enforce data quality at the point of entry and maintain the integrity and quality of what is already stored.

Simple common-sense ideas but so often overlooked!

Software developer since 1985  •  Professional member of the British Computer Society (MBCS)